Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Resident District Commissioner kumi district, Mr. Ahamada Washaki on Thursday, June o6, 2024 commissioned projects constructed under Education department with financing from Government of Uganda through School Fund Grant (SFG).Mr. Washaki, accompanied by the Chief Administrative Officer, District Chairperson, DISO, DEO, District Engineer and other officers commissioned; the renovation of 12 classroom blocks; 8 classrooms at omeerein P/S with project sum of 117,590,027=, 2 classrooms at Ojie P/S at 27,200,239 and 2 classrooms at Ogosoi P/S.The other project included construction of a 5 stance lined VIP pit latrine at Ojie P/S at project sum of 27, 947,238=. These projects are some of the capital investments by Government of Ugnada in Education Sector in the financial year 2023/2024.The School Fund Grant focuses on construction of classroom blocks, construction of pit latrines and renovation of classroom blocks in primary schools.While commissioning the projects, Mr Washaki retaliated government’s commitment to improve education services in Kumi and Uganda at large. He urged the school management committees to protect the investments and ensure that they put to use.He further thanked the contractors for delivering quality work and cautioned those who comprise standards against it and appealed to office of the Chief Administrative Officer to give contracts to only those who do good work.   According to Mr. Emorut Stephen, the Senior Education Officer who represented the District Education Officer, this achievement is a remarkable one as this is going to improve performance in the district as learners are going to study under a conducive environment. He attributed poor performance to poor sanitation, dilapidated classrooms which results to school absenteeism and drop out. He thanked Government for continuously sending resources to the district to provide education services to the people, he added that Education sector is one the biggest beneficiaries of resources allocated to the district. Mr Emorut also added that besides the School Fund Grant, the department also receives Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education Grants to support schools and the department has been in position to pay all teachers.Additionally the department also received funds under UGIFT for the construction of Dr. Aporu Akol Memorial Seed School and construction works are ongoing.Every financial year, central government releases funds for the construction of new classroom blocks, VIP pit latrines, Staff houses, renovation of old classrooms and purchase of desks.     RDC Kumi, Mr Washaki Ahamada(C) Commissioning one of renoated 2 classroom blocks 5.  RDC commissions 5 stance improved VIP latrine at Ojie P/S.