Tourism Hub Tisai Island Undergoing Infrastructural Development

To those of you not familiar with the name, Tisai Island is located approximately 25 kilometers from Kumi town in Tisai Subcounty, adjacent to Kapujan. It is a destination that offers eco-tourism and other unique attractions. To reach the island, the primary mode of transportation has been a canoe ride, which adds to the adventure and charm of the visit.The island is known for its history with insecurity at the time of karimojong raids which prompted many inhabitants to abandon the place in search for secure settlements. Recently there had been occasional attacks but it is been put to rest with deployment of security forces to secure the population.The Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Washaki Ahamada at the time of commissioning of some projects done by government assured the natives that insecurity was going to be history on the island.  Toursism  The island is recognized as one of the designated bird sanctuaries in Uganda, making it a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. It is an integral part of the Opeta-Bisina wetland system, which is known for its diverse and endangered bird species. Notably, Tisai Island is home to rare bird species such as the shoebill, and the white-bucked ducks. On occasion, the elusive Fox's weaver bird can also be spotted here. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the opportunity to observe and photograph these unique and threatened avian species in their natural habitat.According to Enoch Amodoi, District Tourism Officer, Tisai Island offers a chance to encounter several water birds that may not be easily spotted elsewhere. Some of the notable water birds include the iconic shoebill, the lesser jacana, the purple swamp hen, Allens Gallinule, the common moorhen, and the lesser moorhen. The island's rich biodiversity and unspoiled natural beauty make it a truly enchanting and rewarding destination for birdwatching and nature appreciation.He further says that, Tisai Island presents an extraordinary opportunity for travelers to indulge in a memorable and authentic Ugandan experience, exploring its unique wildlife, connecting with locals, and enjoying the serenity of a less-visited paradise Government investments.In time memorial, there was not a government project invested on the island which caused an outcry with many stories written about absence of government effort on the island.However, the situation has since changed with remarkable projects following one after the other and they include;  Construction of 3km Kachelakwenye - Tisai road worth over 6 billion.Under the Agriculture Cluster Development Project (ACDP), government earmarked over 6,063,940,232 shillings for the construction of the road to connect Tisai Island to the mainland. The road was launched by Honorable Frank Tumwebaze, Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries in April, 2023.According to Mr. Orone Justine the District Engineer, major activities of drainage have been completed, filling up to the design level is ongoing and installation of the final layer is expected to be completed by the end of June, 2024 whereby the road will be ready for commissioning.  Kachelakwenye- Tisai road works.  Construction of Tisai Milk Collection Centre.Tisai with over 8,000 people boast with a large number of cattle making it key in milk production in the district and Teso region.Dr. Omaido Edward, the Senior Veterinary Officer Kumi says that there are over 20,000 cattle on the island alone. He adds that this alone makes milk production abundant on the island but also makes milk cheap due to lack of storage.Under the Local Economic Growth Support Project (LEGS), government injected 703,549,967 for construction and installation of a milk Cooler at Tisai to support the storage and processing of milk. The milk cooler was completed and commissioned by Hon. Raphael Magyezi, Minister of Local Government. Recently during monitoring of the project, Geofrey Kakuru, the chairperson Tisai Dairy Farmers Cooperative informed members that the cooperative is now sells milk at 1,200 shillings up from 500 shillings before the milk cooler was constructed. He thanked government for transforming the lives of the cooperative members through the facility.  Completed building of Tisai Milk Coole  Construction of Tisai Mini Shared Solar worth 453,240,923.This is the third government supported infrastructure in the whole Tisai sub county. The project has provided street lighting to the community in Acera trading center. Furthermore, it has created employment in carpentry, saloon and entertainment and boosted sales in shops dealing in drinks. The consumers are paying for power through Tisai Shared solar Cooperative Society Limited, who are in charge of functionality, operation and maintenance of the system.It’s only a matter of time before the once abandoned Tisai Island becomes the heaven of kumi. Government’s commitment to change the area cannot be under mined with many more yet to come.    Tisai mini shared solar project.